The primary essid eduroam is available on the CESNET's premises for visitors from organizations connected to the eduroam project. If your device has a trouble with connection you can try to use non-broadcasted essid eduroam-wpa. Both essids are authenticated via 802.1x protocol.

You need valid user credentials for successful login to the eduroam network. You should obtain these credentials as well as documentation for client device configuration and user support at your home organization. Connected organizations are listed on

Network essid

essid broadcasted authentication mechanism key management cipher
eduroam yes 802.1x WPA,WPA2 TKIP, AES-CCM
eduroam-tkip yes 802.1x WPA TKIP
cesnet yes web form for local users ONLY

Available IP addresses

eduroam network on CESNET provides public routable IPv4 addresses, assigned via DHCP of course. IPv6 protocol is not supported.

Firewall settings

Filtration of IPv4 traffic in CESNET's eduroam network is minimal. It means all your applications should run without problems. The only exception is multicast which is NOT supported. Filter settings are presented in the table:

port numbers protocols direction description
137-139 TCP, UDP in and out NETBIOS services